Why Chintamukt


We are aimed at recognition culture among our distributors network plan, that’s why people choose us out of the mushroomed industry. We appreciate & celebrate, even a smallest achievement of individual distributors. We make feel valued to every individual, connected with company, on any milestone achievement.


We are always praised by our independent distributors for our unmatching & non-traditional business plans at various levels. We have drafted best plans that are capable to earn income at micro level. Chintamukt’s five layered income plan has unlimited potential of earning income. One can set his own target, as per his own desire, and can achieve the targets. Distributors have various opportunities to earn handsome incomes from binary, pool & repurchase plan retail profits, awards, rewards & ranks at different levels.


Chintamukt has its own R&D division that is continuously in process of looking into new challenge to develop products that support people's health in their daily lives. Ours is a very diverse team with experts from all the different areas of F&B industry. Our Experts have a minimum of ten years exhaustive and progressive experience in their respective areas, such as, new product development, process development, ingredient selection, labelling, regulatory, etc.

Our Strategy

Many people do not treat network marketing like a real business. All business wherever started either it’s your own community would have a business concept, and a marketing plan. Your network marketing business is the same. An effective network marketing strategy requires that you think long, hard and seriously about what it actually takes to succeed in the business. No matter what company you are in, your strategy will always include these three components.

Most people who joins MLM makes on mistake. All they do talk about the product.

They focus on selling i.e. the direct sales and further i.e. not a purpose of MLM.