Chintamukt’s nutraceuticals product series is one of the best in industry that takes care of your health and enrich your fitness. We do not compromise with product’s quality. Currently, we have few product in our portfolio that consists quality ingredients from authenticated suppliers. Our product delivers softest solutions to hardest problems. All ingredients are natural and hence no chemical formulation is added in any of the product. Our packaging keeps the product in original form. The double-layered packaging system protects the ingredients from moisture and other bacterial or fungal attack.


Chintamukt’s always tries to raise the inner as well as external beauty levels of our valued customers. Apart form ingredient formulations, cosmetic is a creative concept. We at Chintamukt, are shortly launching complete organic cosmetic range that includes facewash, face creams, scrubs, FacePacks, Lipstick, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, foundations, concealers, powder and many more. Our future plan is to deliver you a complete range of beauty products, whether you’re at a salon, a spa or at home. You can browse our online cosmetics online store for comfort delivery of product or can visit to Nirogmaya’s Care centre.